Get a brief analysis of your current level of emotional health based on your presenting problem and recommendations of next steps to heal your wounds.

This is a great starting point for anyone who isn’t sure if coaching is right for them.

  • FREE 1 hour online consultation session
  • Personalized recommendations to be implemented to help you heal your wounds


Are you ready to find your passionate purpose? Struggling with relationship issues, anxiety or depression? Then join a 1:1 session and take a step toward walking an easier path.

In this private online, 45 minute session, we will deep dive into your pain points using various coaching methods, including the six-step inner bonding process developed by Dr. Margaret Paul, Ph.D, and Dr. Erika Chopich, Ph.D. These sessions will empower you to self-heal the root causes of anxiety, depression, addictions, failed relationships and many other problems that inhibit your personal and spiritual growth.

  • Learn how to love yourself rather than continue to abandon yourself
  • Move beyond emotional dependency and attain emotional freedom
  • Heal the underlying control issues stemming from self-abandonment
  • Discover your passionate purpose on this earth - what you came here to do!